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Outdoor concerts are low-pressure, laid-back, and the perfect opportunity to talk as much -- or as little -- as you want.
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The wedding planning process includes finding the perfect dress, landing the perfect reception hall, making sure you’ve got the right flowers, food, cake, music, wedding party, DJ, photographer, centerpieces, invitations, ceremony, rings, shoes and more.While there is no doubt that there is value in celebrating such a sacred day, is it possible that in our celebration- sometimes we miss the focus? What is the best possible thing I could ever do for you? O.'s when our regular ol' conversations run dry? Do you have any other fun questions we can ask our S.Read Full Tip for boringboysnever let them put you down always stay on your ground ... girls like it if you dont always act like the tough guy if you can show them a ... chicks are weerdo's If u really like or maybe even love the girl the make sure u let her know how ... Always be der,suport each ader nd guyz,dnt force galz in 2 stuf dey dnt want,de ... Read Full Tip for DONT BITCH TO HIM ABOUT YOUR FRIENDSDon't Complain NEVER get in a hissie fit!

This phenomenon isn't limited to LDRs, however—in-town couples can come to a point where their conversations also putter to a stop. What's the best prank you've ever pulled? Be subtle, throw in a line and let the girl take it from there.Try to get some information about the girl before you talk to her.So if the will to get your gab on is still strong, but your imagination is weak, allow me to suggest 20 topics you can tackle with your significant other to get the conversation started again. (Bonus: Some of these will give you a good giggle too as you learn even more about each other! What's your earliest memory of feeling wonder? What's the bravest thing you've ever done? Tell me your most embarrassing story—I promise not to judge! If you could take a pill that made you smarter, a la Bradley Cooper in , would you? If you could keep any kind of animal as a pet, what would it be?