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However, over the past few days we have seen countless Americans and Canadians tell us about the frustration they’ve experienced with current dating platforms,” Goldman told Tech Times on Monday.

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(It really does sound like they're saying "Rlinga Rlinga Rlinga", the R makes such a fascinating cross-cultural study, right? ) He gets awesomeness points for doing some boring chick thing where the closest thing to disrobing involved pulling wrapping paper off a cardboard tube. I'm not ready to do anything specific yet but I am slowly opening my heart to other possibilities.

It can't possibly have been an ounce of fun and yet claimed he was having a great night. A good-natured new guy is gently offering his arm as an open door beckons.

You can engage in romantic and family and community relationships while living on the street; you can struggle with serious illness and have a vibrant artistic practice; you can be living paycheck to paycheck and commune with the divine in whatever way feels real.

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We just love how every little aspect of a look is matched together and well thought out.

During the day, Jason works in Manhattan as a mild mannered interface designer.

At night, after the kids go to sleep, he can be found hunched over his computer developing works of candy colored madness. These mini sculptures are of the famous cartoons and toys we grew up with.

We're talking: denim, patterns, jewellery, shoes, and bags! During the spring/summer months I prefer wearing gold coloured jewellery as it matches a sun-kissed tan and also matches the light coloured clothing I usually tend to wear during the warmer months.

It's so cute to match gold jewellery to an all white look and pastel colours.