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I could use the querystring to do this but I dont think thats the way its meant to work. you can use the query string...its better you store the value in a session because storing simple string values in session is recommended than storing heavy datatables or so.....unlike querystring, session values will never be shown in url also...its secure too.
In 1932 a second schism originated from a letter sent by elders in Europe asking for greater adherence to traditional teachings and practices.

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Having always approached the therapeutic use of essential oils from the "radical" French "Aromatic Medicine" perspective, I have long noted the many incongruous and exaggerated statements regarding essential oil toxicity.

Over these past twelve years, through my involvement with various government and industry bodies, I have specifically focused on this topic of "essential oil toxicity" as one area of study, given the potential "poisons scheduling" of various essential oils by the Australian National Drugs and Poisons Scheduling Committee.

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