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Forwards: Loic Remy (Newcastle), Franck Ribery (Bayern Munich), Karim Benzema (Real Madrid), Olivier Giroud (Arsenal), Antoine Griezmann (Real Sociedad).

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200 million years of geological evolution of a fault in Earth’s crust has recently been dated.

These new findings may be used to shed light on poorly understood pathways for methane release from the heart of our planet.

The age of that methane mirrors that of the ancient permafrost soil thawing alongside and beneath the lakes, and provides the largest known dataset of radiocarbon dated methane emissions.

Brittle faults may be important because they open up pathways along which methane, released from the reservoirs deep under Earth's crust, can migrate to shallower depths or even into the ocean itself.

Also more discrete events are constantly happening close to faults: The emission of the greenhouse gas methane from ocean floor commonly occurs in gas hydrate provinces along tectonically active continental margins.

Active methane seepage happening frequently This is what makes brittle faults particularly alluring for CAGE/NGU researcher Jochen Knies.

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