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In 1963 Traynor amps were designed by Peter Traynor, a music shop (Long & Mc Quade) repairman who had been customizing amplifiers as a way to save costs for the business.

Also, the earliest transistor-based amps were indeed rather awful (at least, any time distortion was introduced) and that first impression seems to have been a lasting one.

The YGA-1 (a 45 watt amp head) and the YGM-1 (a 1x12 20 watt tube combo) were the first products of this research.

Full production of these amps began in 1966, and the release of new models continued until the 70s.

It doesn't look as if anyone ever worked on this amp since it left the factory... The twin 6CA7 power tubes are RCA from the UK while 5 of the 6 pre tubes have the Rogers moniker stenciled on them. Production dates were 1968 to 1973, so this was a fairly early amp.

As you can see by the chassis images, all wiring and components look original... Potentiometer dates are 6837 x 5 pots and 6825 x 2 pots. The amp likely went out the door in late Fall or early Winter 1968...