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Charlize Theron was recently asked whether she believes in the fairy-tale kind of love just similar to what is explored in "The Huntsman: Winters War." The Hollywood actress admitted that as she grew older she realized there are different kinds of love not just the romantic type.Stephan Jenkins says he and his Third Eye Blind bandmates haven’t yet been invited to perform at the Democratic National Convention, which kicks off Monday in Philadelphia, but Hillary Clinton may want to consider the rockers as a late addition after Jenkins upstaged The Donald and Co., when Jenkins railed against Trump and the GOP platform in Cleveland while performing there early Wednesday.It only seems like the sun is always in his eyes because he feels like he puts himself in impossible situations and can't figure out why sometimes.In this case he went out to Chelsea to visit a girl with whom he had become infatuated.

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“I mentioned a point of policy and I said we are in opposition to that policy. Straight marriages have not somehow been degraded because gay people get married.

They’re still trying to get something out of this kind of divisiveness.” Third Eye Blind was appearing in Cleveland for a benefit concert to support Musicians on Call, which brings music to hospital patients.

But Jenkins says Musicians on Call “knew what they were getting” when Third Eye Blind was scheduled to perform. So little of the coverage that’s happened has been actually about policy. Oh my God, they air kiss.’ They talk about that on the news as if it’s news. “What’s news is that climate change isn’t mentioned once in the RNC platform.

So, he must let her go on her way in the hopes that she will not actually take a piece of him with her, but that he may actually possess a piece of that type of free, careless, and serene way of being. But alas, there will always be a part of him that will never let go of his hopes at that point in his life, because although it hurt deeply, it also made him feel immensely alive in that process of yearning. can you really not be friends with the one who dumped you??

To some, Third Eye Blind is just another ’90s nostalgia act, an “Alternative Nation” relic.